Fot. Julia Jaracz

I am a student and teacher with a Law Degree from the University of Warsaw who’ve decided to let go of what she thought was a “good career” and take the road less travelled – teach people how to be happy in their bodies and with themselves.

What I offer is a complex program for creating your own nourishing lifestyle with a mindful and holistic approach. I believe yoga, strength trainings & meditation as well as healthy approach for eating and mindful lifestyle are the best ways to take care of the amazing gifts we were given – body, mind and soul.

I’ve been practicing yoga, handstands and AcroYoga since 2011 and discovered these practices all at the same time. Before I was just training in a gym, trying to make my body look good and getting stronger. It was a life-changing experience to learn how to really feel and control my body and fully benefit from what it can offer once I really connected to it.

Now my body listens to me and I listen to my body.

My movement programs are designed to make you feel good and help you become a better version of yourself. In my teachings I share the best technical tips and give space for a dialogue and questions to allow the practice to shift towards what serves your body best.

I believe variety is the key, that’s why I don’t focus on one thing only. I will assist you in getting stronger, flexible and more connected to your body. In learning how to respect and accept where you are with your practice and in life. In connecting to your breath and starting a new relationship with yourself. In inverting in order to change the perspective and connecting to others through AcroYoga to learn more about yourself and enjoy being moved.

I am a rebel with a cause. I  am questioning what we are told we need to do to be healthy, happy, fulfilled in life. I believe we don’t need more yoga mats, yoga clothes, special equipment, supplements or gym memberships to become fit, healthy or fulfilled. I know, because I’ve experienced it myself, that all we need is a physical space to move and act and a strong decision to improve the quality of our lives.

Get outside, do some pushups, run, walk, stretch, breathe and I can assure you – you will already feel better.

My experience

Yoga Alliance certificates:

200h Ashtanga & Vinyasa Yoga TTC at Sampoorna Yoga in India
60h Yin Yoga, Chinese Medicine & Hip Anatomy (I) with Jo Phee
60h Yin Yoga, MyoYin, MyoFascial Release & Spine Anatomy with Jo Phee

Other certificates:

2021 / 2022
60h E-RYT Pranayama Teacher Training with Stephen Thomas (in progress)

My Bio

Marta Witecka is a certified vinyasa & yin yoga teacher, professional handstand coach and AcroYoga trainer. She has been teaching regularly since 2014 and during most of her life she has been exploring different kinds of movement, including Iyengar yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Acro, recently enriching her practice and experience with yin yoga, fascia ball massage and 6-moths long pranayama studies on theory and practice.

Together with a great depth of practice, Marta is also a law master with experience in public relations, but she never digged deeper into these two worlds and chose to follow a path closer to her heart and become a teacher.

What’s important for her, as a teacher, is the inclusivity of yoga, holistic approach to human health and a regular self-practice.

Marta has been leading workshops all around Europe. She collaborated with adidas teaching for the brand and performing with AcroYoga. She was mentioned in popular Polish magazines such as “Shape”, “Twój Styl”, “Magazyn Joga”, “K-Mag”, “Olivia”, “Miasto Kobiet”, “Playboy” as well as TVN television. Marta is also an author of a few publications on “”. In 2019 she created her online platform where she is sharing yoga and handstand courses and other nourishing practices which enrich her own life.

She currently lives in Germany, Halle (Saale), where she teaches yoga and leads workshops for the local community.